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Gabriella (port. Gabriella; real name - Ana Lucia Gomez da Silva (port. Ana Lucia Gomez da Silva; born November 7, 1984, Rio de Janeiro) is a Brazilian singer.



Our first and not last work with such a stunning actress as Gabriella da Silva led to the creation of the music video “Nutella”. For a month we discussed and came up with the concept of video, and finally we shot our video. Filming took place with us in two days, very busy for a day. There were a lot of technical difficult moments, but everything was wonderful. Thanks to you, Gabriella da Silva is glad to our cooperation.

Also, together with Gabriella da Silva in the filming of the clip took part with the author of this musical composition Marvin Mr. Romantic previously we shot two videos with him, a very talented artist.

Instagram: marvin.mr_romantic

Now the clip is already shown on many channels, Music box, europa plus, THT Music, in Ukraine and other music channels.

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This is an interesting and not the last story with this man. He wrote to me on Instagram like Jo Rhomeo, saying : “Hey bro, I want to come to you from London and shoot 2 two videos, shoot?” That's how we started working with Jo Rhomeo.

He arrived literally for 7 days, met, discussed what we’ll shoot and literally the next day started shooting, most of the filming is of course improvisation, since there was little time to discuss everything, but it turned out for the better, I like to improvise on the set, thoughts myself creeping into my head while filming. And so they shot two videos, the first has already been presented, the second will be released soon. And in the coming months we will shoot two more videos and one in Dubai, stay tuned, it will be interesting.



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Continuing the filming of the series World Peace, the series on the theme of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 was again shot. This time, the honored Soviet actor Yuri Vladimirovich Nazarov was shot, it was very interesting to work with such an actor. There were other actors. There were many interesting scenes. Filming is not finished yet, we will shoot more and soon we will see it on TV screens, making films is not quick and easy, but it is a very interesting process.

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