Shooting a music clip GABI feat Marvin Mr. Romantic - Nutella

Обновлено: 4 сент. 2019 г.

Gabriella (port. Gabriella; real name - Ana Lucia Gomez da Silva (port. Ana Lucia Gomez da Silva; born November 7, 1984, Rio de Janeiro) is a Brazilian singer.



Our first and not last work with such a stunning actress as Gabriella da Silva led to the creation of the music video “Nutella”. For a month we discussed and came up with the concept of video, and finally we shot our video. Filming took place with us in two days, very busy for a day. There were a lot of technical difficult moments, but everything was wonderful. Thanks to you, Gabriella da Silva is glad to our cooperation.

Also, together with Gabriella da Silva in the filming of the clip took part with the author of this musical composition Marvin Mr. Romantic previously we shot two videos with him, a very talented artist.

Instagram: marvin.mr_romantic

Now the clip is already shown on many channels, Music box, europa plus, THT Music, in Ukraine and other music channels.

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