Trip to Dubai on the set of a clip by Carl Wolf with film director David Zennie

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My first trip to the UAE to Dubai. What can I say ... ? It was very cool, I stayed under a lot of typing from this country and city, even though I was there only 3 days, but these were unforgettable days.

I had a great opportunity to meet and work with a music artist like Carl Wolf and with film director David Zennie.

David Zennie (born May 3, 1988) is an award-winning director and producer best known for his creative storytelling and cinematic shooting style as well as his acclaimed music video work with international artists such as Yo Yo Honey Singh and Mohammed Assaf. He splits his time between Los Angeles, California and Dubai, U.A.E.

After winning a national competition at the age of 14, he directed his first television commercial for Wrigley's Chewing Gum which was shown across the United States on MTV and Comedy Central.

I was very glad to meet David Zennie and it was an honor for me to work with him, this person is a professional in his field and very talented, with his own creative look. David Zennie also appreciated my work and said that I was doing my job very cool. It was nice to hear such words from a famous person like David Zennie. We also keep in touch on instagram and discuss some aspects of work. And it's nice to hear good words from David Zennie about my work. Bro thank you very much, I hope that soon we will work together again.



Carl Abou Samah (Arabic: كارل أبو سمح‎; born April 18, 1979)[1] better known by his stage name Karl Wolf is a Lebanese-born Canadian musician based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He has been a singer, songwriter and producer since 2001, releasing his first solo album Face Behind the Face on MapleNationwide/Universal in 2006, followed by a second album Bite the Bullet in 2007. His third album Nightlife was released in 2009 followed by Finally Free in 2012, Stereotype in 2014 and WOW in 2015. His biggest hit has been a remake of Toto's "Africa" sampling from the song and providing new lyrics and arrangements. Through his company, Lone Wolf Management, Karl Wolf also manages a number of new artists. In 2015, he announced a new collaboration under the name BAE (Be All Equal) with Show Stephens, Brenda Mullen and producer MasterTrak. Karl signed a new solo contract in Canada with British Columbia-based Cordova Bay Records as well as two new worldwide deals in Los Angeles, one for a publishing contract with BMG and another Digital "YouTube" deal with Collective Digital Studios. He has co-written the OMI hit "Hula Hoop".



During the shooting of the video, I met the famous artist Carl Wolf, a very talented person. It was wonderful to work with such a Carl Wolf on the set.

I also flew to Dubai with my model, Angelica Anderson, where she was the main greyhound of the Carl Wolf clip with the director David Zennie



Backstage from Carl Wolf clip

Directed by David Zennie

Directed by Backstage ROMARTPRODUCTION

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